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Old Crow's Synth Shop: Polysix KLM-367 Removal

Step 3: Removing the Mounting Screws

3-1: Remove the four Phillips-head 1 1/2" screws that hold the board in place as shown. Note the removed connectors.

Step 4: Removing the KLM-367 Board from the Polysix

4-1: To remove the board from its position in the Polysix, grasp the board near where CN06 is at the top and lift the board up about two inches so it is at an angle. Move cables out of the way as needed. Note that there will be some restriction as CN10 is still attached.

4-2: Next, gently pull the board toward the back of the unit (toward the KLM-376 power supply board). The board will start to lift out; just stand it up vertically so that CN10 can now be taken care of. CN10 was left connected as its close proximity to the back of the case, coupled with the fact it is the only right-angle connector, make it too difficult to pry loose while the board is mounted.

4-3: Following the same procedure as for the other connectors, use the X-acto knife to crack the glue and a this time a small, flat screwdriver fits easily into the open edge (which is facing up) to help remove the connector from the socket. The KLM-367 is finally free! (And note the crud all over the board where the blown battery is located).

Repairing the KLM-367 Circuit Board

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