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Old Crow's Synth Shop: Korg Polysix Preliminary Inspection

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NOTES: MAKE CERTAIN THAT POLYSIX IS UNPLUGGED FROM AC POWER LINE! Clicking on each thumbnailed image will display the larger image.

Step 1: Opening the Unit

Tools required: a medium Philips screwdriver.

1-1: Start with the Polysix sitting on a flat table as illustrated:


1-2: Locate the front panel mounting screws. Shown below are the left and right cover screw locations. Remove only the two larger screws on either end; leave the smaller ones on the panel alone.

1-3: Now, pick up the Polysix and set it back down such that the back end of the unit overhangs the table by about two inches as shown. Remove the four screws that are now accessible on the bottom of the unit. In the illustration, three have already been removed and one is still awaiting removal.

1-4: Pick up the Polysix and set it back down on the table as shown in step 1-1, then simply lift the front cover up. It will rotate back and stay open in a convenient "hood-up" position:


Inspection Procedure, Step Two

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