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Comic-con International: San Diego 2001 Masquerade

July 21, 2001

Photography by Jerry Shaw, webpage design by Widya Santoso

This web page is a record of the entrants of the 2001 Comic-con masquerade. All efforts have been made to identify the entry name and participants for each entrant, however it is appreciated that details are incomplete. In addition the order in which the entrants are listed in isn't necessarily in the order that they appeared in the masquerade. If you can supply any details for any of the entrants, can you please pass them on to the webpage designer? If you are a member of one of the entrants, please let the webpage designer know, especially if you do not wish for your picture to appear.

Please note that the pictures on this web page have been reduced in dimensions and file size by the web designer from the original digital photographs taken by Jerry Shaw. For use of these pictures please refer to the Picture Credit Notes.

How to Navigate: To look at the list of photographs for each entrant, click on the thumbnail on the list of entrants. To look at the larger pictures, click on the thumbnails on the list of photographs for each entrant. To return to the list of entrants, either click on the back button on your browser or click on the larger picture.

Picture Credit Notes by Jerry Shaw.

The pictures on this CD-ROM are the raw, unedited pictures I took of San Diego Comic Con 2001 in JPEG format.

I used a Fuji Finepix 6900 camera with a Digital Wallet for storage. I used both available light and flash.

If you need to contact me, you can do so at:

Jerry Shaw
1840 Nelson Street, Apt. 69
West Covina, CA 91792


The pictures on this CD-ROM are from the San Diego Comic Con 2001 in San Diego, California.

The pictures are being put into the Public Domain.

The pictures were taken by Jerry N. Shaw.

No releases were obtained from the models photographed.

Permission is hereby given to use these pictures for any purpose, including commercial use.

Permission is given to modify the pictures in any way, to include them in any collection, and to post them on the Internet. However any use, including commercial or other, may require signed releases from the models photographed.

Jerry N. Shaw (signed)

I would appreciate credit for any use of these pictures, but it is not required.