1,500 Watts of R.M.S. power

...in a home system may sound a little ridiculous, but I assure you it is the only way to watch anime or listen to those meticulous details created by a master synthesist in a recording. :)

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Speaker Systems

As any sharp audiophile will tell you, everything in the entire system is only going to sound as good as your speakers. Not one to compromise on the critical listening elements, I searched for some time until I discovered the speaker systems I deemed suitable for my tastes.

  • Infinity Reference Standard V series, model RS-2b, main system (Crow Theatre)
  • Paradigm Esprit BP, A/V control room / studio monitors
  • Paradigm Titan, computer room system
  • The awesome, ceiling plaster crackingVelodyne model ULD1800 subwoofer

    Power Amplifiers

    The power amplifiers must of course be absolutely silent when no signal is present, yet drive cleanly to rated power. I had to install two separate 20 Amp. branch line and breakers just to accomodate the power requirements of the main system amplifiers in Crow Theatre.

  • ADCom GFA-565 Monaural Power Amplifers
  • The Legendary Phase Linear 400 Stereo Power Amplifer
  • ADCom 535 Stereo Power Amplifer
  • My own MOSFET amplifer design, the Crow-300 Stereo Power Amplifier
  • M-35 4 Channel Amplifer

    Control Amplifers

  • ADCom GFP-565 Control Amplifer
  • Yamaha C-45 Control Amplifier

    Audio / Video Sources

  • Sony MDP-700 Laser Disc Player
  • Sony EDV-9500 ED Beta editing VCR (2)
  • Sony ED-100 Hi8mm editing VCR
  • Mitsubishi U-50 & U-56 VHS Hifi VCRs
  • Mitsubishi U-60 SVHS VCR

  • Sony 7-point programmable A/V patchbay

  • Sony CDP-535ES Compact Disc Player
  • Sony 75ES Digital Audio Tape recorder
  • Thorens 150 LP turntable
  • Sony PS-LX2 LP turntable

  • Digital Audio Encoder/Transmitter (my own design)

    Crow Theatre

    My main anime viewing room. The Infinity RS-2b system and GFA-565 amplifiers, complemented by four Yamaha NS-10 surround speakers attached to the M-35 four channel amplier as well as the bridged Phase Linear-driven ULD1800 subwoofer make watching shows here an almost religious experience.

  • Yamaha DSP-1 Sound Field Processor (Dolby Pro Logic, THX, etc.)
  • Yamaha MVS-1 Patchbay
  • Audio Alchemy Digital Decoding Engine (DDE v1.0)

  • Mitsubishi CS-35201 35" direct view television

    If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!

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