Infinity: The Reference Standard Series

The Infinity Reference Standard, Reference Standard I and Reference Standard IIb all are products of a single uncompromising goal. To achieve nothing less than the finest musical accuracy ever attained by a speaker system. Regardless of the cost. Regardless of the limits of existing technology.

Beyond technology, where only music remains.

Infinity RS-IIb

The Reference Standard IIb is a highly sophisticated adaption of the technology used to create the Reference Standard I. As a statement of advanced Infinity design it is truly remarkable. In each of two modules, three EMIT tweeters and three EMIM midrange drivers combine precise definition, instantaneous transient repsonse, and near-perfect dispersion with an ability to handle great amounts of power. Two 10-inch polypropylene woofers per channel reproduce musical signals without coloration at high dynamic levels and low frequencies. Mathematically curved diffraction control wings of solid oak ensure that subtle phase information is preserved and not obscured by diffraction distortion.

A sophisticated low-frequency equalizer optimizes bass extension and lets you control room-and-placement frequency anomalies. You can drive this system with a single stereo amplifier, or bi-amp it, if you wish, by adding an additional stereo amplifier. As with the Infinity Reference Standard and the Reference Standard I, the reality of the reproduced soundstage is startling.


Drivers, each channel:

Two 10-inch polypropylene woofers. Three electromagnetic induction tweeters (EMITs), one facing rearward. Three electromagnetic induction midrange (EMIM) drivers.

Frequency Response:

18 to 34,000 Hz flat within 2dB

Crossover Frequencies:

150Hz, 800Hz, 4000Hz and 8000Hz

Nominal Impedance:

4 Ohms


60 inches x 24 inches wide x 24 inches, 125lb. per column
Christopher S. Rider --