Nausicaa and Child Ohmu

The most important scene in the story is revealed when Nausicaa brings the carrier bearing the child Ohmu to ground on a sand bar bordering the Acid Lake. Isolated for the moment from their world, we observe Nausicaa and the Ohmu child:

Both are children of their races. Both are seriously injured. Each is hurt, angry and afraid. Nausicaa stops the bleeding Ohmu from seeking shelter in the acid lake, which would be fatal in its wounded condition. In her effort to stop the creature from retreating into the lake, the most profound symbol in the story is realised:

Nausicaa's red dress, given her by the Pejitean girl, is stained blue by the blood of the child Ohmu. The Red of anger and pain is turned to the Blue of calm and healing, as seen by the Ohmu's actions. Each seeks comfort in the company of the other--the first true reckoning of Man and Ohmu.

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