Key the Metal Idol
Image of Tomoyo

Tomoyo Wakagi

Yanaka Hiroshi (Japanese)
David Kaye (English)

Wakagi is Dr. Mima's research assistant. Moreover, he was and is Key's field technician and bodyguard. Wakagi would constantly monitor Key with his portable computer, and whenever there was a problem he was first on the scene. Wakagi discovered the dying Dr. Mima after Ajo's visit. As a result, Wakagi also knows about the message to Key and the quest for thirty-thousand friends. When Key travels to Tokyo, Wakagi follows.

In Sakura's own words, from her time in junior high: "Key never ate, and she passed out from lack of blood all the time. Whenever she did, Wakagi would show up out of nowhere and take her away, holding her in his arms. Everybody said it was spooky, like he was always hiding in the shadows, watching over Key. Wakagi's a nice guy, though. He's really sweet."

Wakagi's vigilance is not lost on Tataki either. "So what the heck is a blackout?" Tataki demands, "And who the heck are you? I saw you at the video store last night, and you were at the concert hall today...but something tells me it wasn't *me* that you were tailing. What are you up to?"

Wakagi's heroics become more dramatic; his battle with Sergei at Janome's temple is particularly harrowing, leading him to confront Sergei: "You don't know what you're messing with! You force your will into that steel shell and then when you cut them off from your mind--to them it's like dying! They cry out to be free, yet they're treated likes slaves! When they do break free, it is no wonder they rebel against the master who enslaved it--no, against the parent who abandoned it!"

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