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Tataki Shuuichi

Jerry J. Todd (English)

Tataki is the president of the Utsuse Miho fan club. Tataki describes himself as a "self-employed fanboy". He also is a bit of a martial arts enthusiast; he manages to take out Tamari's beefy assistant with one solid punch! Tataki is a friend of Sakura's, and meets Key during one of his visits to the video store where Sakura works. He delivers a promo tape of the latest Miho concert, asking her to play it whenever possible. Key takes an immediate interest in Miho's performance.

Tataki seems to be on rather friendly terms with Sakura; his constant game of mispronouncing her name "Chuukawa" instead of "Kuriyagawa" is always met with amused tolerance. (This is noteworthy because by her own admission Sakura was a shy, reclusive girl who had no friends save Key before coming to Tokyo.) Tataki apparently enjoys spending time with Sakura, though as of yet he seems to be content in keeping it stable at "just friends."

Tataki becomes interested in Key's tale of becoming human, although like Sakura he seems to believe she is not a robot, but rather a mentally ill girl. He resolves to help Key. Tataki encounters Key outside the concert hall where Miho was about to perform, and as fan club president he offered Key one of several (dozen) tickets to the concert, which Key wants to see.

Tataki is the first of Key's friends to actually see her blackout fugue, though he does not know what is going on. (Aside from Tomoyo, who may have seen similar occurences.) Key becomes so moved by Miho's singing that she has a Significant Emotional Reaction and in so doing, causes a major unforeseen event during the concert (see the Miho character info page). Tataki is also present during the crisis on the restaurant awning, and in fact is the one who climbs down a makeshift rope fashioned by Wakagi to catch Key before she falls to the ground.

Tataki is also witness to other interesting events: while looking up information on Dr. Mima, he notices fuzzy strains of music emanating from somewhere. Turning off the computer, he learns it is coming from his PC's speakers--without any power! Fan club associate Tsukiyama, who calls Tataki on the phone, also hears the music at his place, and manages to capture some of it on digital audio tape. Tataki and Tsukiyama also learn that no newspaper or newscast has mentioned the traumatic events that occurred at the Miho concert.

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