Key the Metal Idol
Image of Ajou

Ajou Jinsaku

Hayami Sho (Japanese)
John Novak (English)

President and CEO of Ajo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Ajou is possibly the most twisted antagonist ever seen in an animated production. Aside from the usual ruthless business efficiency, Ajo will make no bones about using extortion or even murder as a means to his own ends. He has a profound love of robotics, to the point of it being a fetish--he will don a robot mask and caress the arms of his PPOR robots, panting with lust (episode 3). He dislikes being touched. His perverse infatuation with robots and robot-like machines does have one limit: he considers them to be utter slaves, made body and soul to do the whim of Man.

Ajo's office features priceless works of art, such as the 18th century Dutch writing doll seen in episode 3. Ajo's operating theatre, where he fine-tunes his PPORs, is a gothic nightmare right out of the world of Dr. Phibes. See the Phibes horror movies with Vincent Price, and you'll see where certain elements of the Ajou character came from. (The Phibes character was a famous builder of robot musicians, though the streak of honor present in Phibes is lacking in Ajo.)

Ajo funded Dr. Mima's research into the construction and miniaturization of powerboxes; Ajo also funded the Miho project. Ajo's main goal is to create a perfect military robot; a footsoldier that can execute a mission with super-efficiency under remote control. The film at the beginning of episode 1 shows that it is already possible, though there seems to be a problem with PPOR units going berserk. Ajo feels certain will problem will be solved once he gets the research and miniature powerbox technology from Dr. Mima.

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