Why Old Crow, anyway? And whats this "Syzygy" thing?

Old Crow, my self-inflicted nickname since the fall of 1985, bears no relationship to Crow T. Robot, J. O'Barr's comic book The Crow or even the infamous Kregan and Crow children's show. I was the Crow before they were. ^_^ What it does refer to is the cheap whiskey Old Crow and a drunken spell it caused me many years ago. Someone asked me for the bottle, and I replied: "I am the Old Crow." ...and I will be forever, for good or ill. ^_^;;

Syzygy, siz'i-ji, n. The conjunction of two or more heavenly bodies.

Syzygy is the annual gathering of all my friends from my college years, held every spring at Canaan Valley, WV. There are now over forty people attending, not to mention their children. It gets wilder every year. We have two custom flags, a custom drink insulator (coojee), and four custom beer mugs, each bearing the date and theme of Syzygy from that year. Certain members (myself included) also have a plaque from Syzygy III holding the various bottlecaps from our "Thirty Beers ~ Thirty Years" beer festival.

Other events include the Hunter S. Thompson Golf Tournament, held at Canaan Valley Golf Club, with the winner determined by handicap scoring. Trophies include the Hunter S. Thompson award, comprising a Budweiser tap handle, a silver mug engraved with 'Hunter S. Thompson Tournament' and the winner/year of each tournament; the mug contains a bottle of Black Label beer from 1981 that is unsettling to look at. The winner also receives the infamous orange golf hat. On the final night of Syzygy, a large cookout is held, with everyone tearing into huge slabs of Conan-sized steaks and roast chicken. The beer tends to flow freely, in fact some attendees unable to contain their eagerness end up drinking 17 beers while at the golf course. ^^;;;

No one does it like Syzygy!

Syzygys past:

  • Syzygy -- April 26-28, 1991 "Just Because"
  • Syzygy II -- May 7-10, 1992 "This Time Its Synergism"
  • Syzygy III -- May 13-16, 1993 "Zymurgy"
  • Syzygy IV -- May 19-22, 1994 "Spontaneous Ignorance"
  • Syzygy V -- May 11-14, 1995 "Big Doin's"

    Zymurgy, zi'mer-ji, n: a branch of applied chemistry that deals with the fermentation process.

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