The Dichotomy of Time

There is nothing quite like the sound of the analog synthesizer...

Side One: (28:26)

Track 1: The Dichotomy of Time (10:10)

The title track; probably my best work to date. This song took two days to record onto multitrack tape. The Amiga 3000 operates the Voyetra and a TX module (background sequence); all other voicings are played live onto tape utilizing the Voyetra, Mirage, TX-816, with the final mixdown onto two-track DAT.

Track 2: Moons' Rise Over Mars (6:00)

This track I composed in 1987 using the DX-7, Mirage, and PolySix onto a 4-track tape. No computer software was used in this recording. This was the first in a series of pieces for my (as yet unreleased) album Red Planet.

Track 3: Erewhon (3:26)

The title is an anagram of 'nowhere'. This piece represents my most extensive use of sequencer scoring; I composed this work in 1988 and re-recorded it for this demonstration. The Voyetra, TX-816, Mirage, and Amiga all perform in this song.

Track 4: Hyperion (5:30)

Here is a piece I recorded using a friend's brand new (at the time) Roland D-50. The only hardware used is the D-50 itself connected directly to a stereo tape deck. Factory patch #51 is the voice. This was recorded in 1991.

Track 5: Requiem for a Dying Star (3:20)

The first of my work to use the Mirage, layered with the PolySix. Recorded in 1986.

Side Two: (27:53)

Track 1: Canon of the Three Stars (4:30)

A canon in four parts, repeated once, reflects some of the classical training I received from my music professor in 1980-1982.

Track 2: Cascades (6:00)

One of my earliest compostions using the DX-7 and PolySix. The 'cascade' is my way of visualizing the background sequence, like a waterfall cascading down onto lower and lower levels. The sequence was played manually without any computer assistance. Recorded in 1985.

Track 3: Tirith (4:35)

Another piece I recorded the same day as Hyperion. Factory patch #47 is the voice.

Track 4: The Twilight Sea (4:01)

The third compostion I recorded on the D-50. This is factory patch #37. The ocean is provided by a stereo surf synthesizer I built in 1987.

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