I finally found a Key cel (both literally and technically) after over a year of searching the domestic dealers' cel books. The cel appears at approx. 4:56 into version (episode) #8, where Key and Sakura are in a coin-op photo booth. The cel is actually two layers, one for Key and one for Sakura. Both of the layers do not appear together at exactly the same time, but are within 1/2 second of each other. (The Sakura cel actually shot with the Key cel for the show is not as nice as this one, which appears after Key moves slightly [Key points at the camera] at time-mark 4:57.) This cel is not the exact one that was also used as the illustration on the Key BGM CD liner booklet, but it is from the same sequence of cels.

Key Cel
Key the Metal Idol Production Cel

Here is the animation pencil drawing of Tokiko used to make the cel. (The Sakura pencil drawing was not included.)

Key Cel
Key the Metal Idol Animation Pencil Art

Orikasa Ai was kind enough to sign my cel of Ryouko, which was previously signed by the director.

Ryouko Cel
Signed Ryouko Cel

Kenichi Sonoda drew me a nice sketch of Vision from Bubblegum Crisis OAV #7.

Key Cel
Kenichi Sonoda sketch of BGC7's Vision (Reika)

Tokimeki Memorial postcard set (on David van Cleef's TokiMemo Website)

**Other items..

  • A nice Kiyone (Tenchi Muyo) cel
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion LD box #1, signed by writer/director Anno
  • Top o Nerae! Gunbuster LD box, also signed by writer/director Anno

    AX stunt of the weekend: I called up Books Nippan the day before the con started and bought every Escaflowne v1 CD they had. Kept one, sold the rest to friends who wanted one. Much less hectic than plowing through the rabble in the dealers' room.

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