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  • Maria "Akane" Munoz, the woman I married on July 26, 1997.
  • Danielle "Pirotas" Scott, #1 Gainax bunnygirl and Sato-chan lookalike.
  • Lorraine Reyes' Eva cel
  • Enrique Conty; he's just this guy, you know?
  • William S. "Sbuma" Barlow
  • Eric "Scanner" Luce
  • Ed Hanway
  • Lionel "Kyousuke" Lum

  • The people of #anime!

    Space Sciences

  • NASA Lewis Research Center
  • Space Studies Institute
  • Arthur C. Clarke Interview

    Synthesizers and Musical Effects

  • PAiA Electronics
  • Effects Schematics
  • Music Machines
    Old Crow's Links / Christopher S. Rider / oldcrow@access.mountain.net