Key the Metal Idol

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Animerica Vol. 5, No.2 -- Sato Hiroaki Interview/Cover Feature


Production Staff:

Story/Direction: Sato Hiroaki
Character Design: Tanaka Kunihiko
Animation direction: Ishikura Keiichi
Production: Pony Canyon

Episode Synopses Character Info LD/VHS/CD Info
Episode Synopses Character Info LD/VHS/CD Info  

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Viz Communications Started releasing Key domestically in April, 1997 in both subbed and English-dubbed formats. Visit their Key Web Site

My Key CD Review in a recent issue of EX.

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Pony Canyon Information (in Japanese)

KtMI News Window

Key v.14 LD with LD BOX released on March 5th, 1997.

(Normal LD and video cassette release is March 21, 1997)

Key v.15 LD released on June 18th, 1997.

Having watched Ver.14, I must warn everyone: it is both very dialogue- intensive and occasionally quite vicious. Translating this one into a synopsis will take time. (I've been working on the Program Two synopses, stay tuned.)

Also having watched Ver.15, I must warn everyone again: this one is going to hurt. There is one *extremely* depressing moment in the episode that is even more intense if one has listened to the first drama CD at some point before watching Ver.15.

I found a Key cel!

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