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A L I C H I N O :   V O L U M E   O N E
Written and Drawn by Kouyu SHUREI / EYES Comics Nov. '98 release
ISBN4-8342-6101-8 C9979 / Zasshi code 41430-01
Published by Home-sha / Distributed by Shueisha
retail price: 619 yen plus tax

Translation of the Japanese text by Yohko Kazuki

This translation text is meant only as a supplement for owners of said graphic novel, and is not intended to replace any commercial releases thereof. It may not be reproduced in any form (including the Internet / World Wide Web) without the express consent of the translator -- this is not for ego or copyright but in case the translator makes corrections to the translations should there be a mistranslation among the text so please ask for permission (if you ask, you have a 99.999999% chance of getting said permission granted).

Notations -
sounds -- (sound)
when someone speaks -- [speaker] "line"
when someone thinks -- [speaker] thought
when the kana reading differs from the kanji reading -- kanji reading/kana reading

A text version is available here.

Chapter One - The Inviter (Alichino)

Page 10--

[tsugiri] Kind, and at the same time, cruel.
[tsugiri] Cowardly, and at the same time, rabid.
[tsugiri] They are creatures like that, someone said.
[tsugiri] Although I can't remember who was saying that...

Page 11--

[girl] "You... are handsome."

Page 12--

[girl] "Is that beautiful face your original face?"
[girl] "Or was it something created?"

Page 13--

[tsugiri] "......"
[girl] "Because you were so beautiful..."
[girl] "... I thought you were an Inviter/Alichino."

Page 14--

[tsugiri] "I am... just an ordinary human."
[girl] "Inviter/Alichino."
[girl] "An illusion that grants any wish. I've been looking for it for a long time now."

Page 15--

[tsugiri] "Enju, are you here?"

Page 16--

[enju] "Welcome back, Tsugiri. What's the matter?"
[enju] "You look displeased."
[tsugiri] "Is it different from how I usually look?"
[enju] "Yes, I can tell right away. How about some tea for now?"
[enju] "And you, too."
[myoubi] "......"

Page 17--

[tsugiri] "... Enju."
[enju] "Yes?"
[tsugiri] "This morning, I met a girl who was looking for an Alichino."
[enju] "Again..?"
[enju] "Well, in the past there have been things such as Alichino Hunts."
[tsugiri] "In any day and age, humans seek the Inviter/Alichino to grant their wishes."
[tsugiri] "If just wishing grants a wish, nobody would be troubled at all."
[tsugiri] Everyone who seeks an Alichino says similar things.

Page 18--

[tsugiri] One with many different guises, an exquisite beauty that cannot be described.
[tsugiri] So white almost transleucent, and that guise that cannot be tarnished...
[tsugiri] ... is just like an angel.
[tsugiri] They're all fools.
[girl] "Liar!"

Page 19--

[girl] "You knew about the Inviter/Alichino after all!"
[girl] "You said earlier that you didn't know! What do you mean by this?"

Page 20--

[enju] "Tsugiri, is this person the one you mentioned earlier?"
[enju] "Miss."
[enju] "If you don't mind me, can you tell me your story?"
[girl] "All I want to do is save my elder brother."

Page 21--

[girl] "My elder brother started acting funny after he left the house, saying 'I found an Alichino'..."
[girl] "He wouldn't come home for days on end, and when I finally found him, I thought he was dead."
[girl] "I don't know what his condition is, or how he got into it."
[girl] "All I know is that it isn't normal."
[enju] "Have you gone to a clinic?"
[girl] "Of course, I went to all the ones I knew."
[girl] "But all the doctors are no good!"

Page 22--

[girl] "... Because, it's strange."
[girl] "It's as if he had his soul removed from him..."
[enju] "... Do you think that an Alichino and your elder brother's condition are related?"

Page 23--

[girl] "I don't know. But it's the only lead I have."
[girl] "Even if they are not related,"
[girl] "If the Inviter/Alichino is beautiful, pure, and can grant wishes -- just like in the legends..."
[girl] I might be able to save my elder brother.
[girl] "... I feel a little better now that someone listened to my story."
[girl] "If you find out about anything, please let me know.

Page 24--

[tsugiri] "So you were looking for an Alichino to save your elder brother."
[girl] ".... Yes. Why else do you think I would?"
[tsugiri] "But is that really for your elder brother?"

Page 25--

[tsugiri] "And not for yourself?"
[girl] "... You are rather irritating."
[girl] "Is that something you say to someone in need?
[girl] "Earlier, you said you didn't know when you did. Don't get in my way."
[girl] "I'm going to find the Inviter/Alichino."

Page 26--

[tsugiri] "There is no such thing as an Inviter/Alichino."
[tsugiri] "Nothing can be so permitting."
[tsugiri] "If you have the time to look for such a thing, shouldn't you be at your elder brother's side?"
[enju] "There you go, phrasing things that way again..."
[girl] "Now, I clearly will not mistake you for an Alichino."
[girl] "The only part of you that is beautful is your appearance/container!"

Page 27--

[enju] "Tsugiri."

Page 28--

[tsugiri] "What..?"
[enju] "Are you not going to rest yet?"
[tsugiri] "What about you, Enju?"
[tsugiri] "'e isn't back yet."
[tsugiri] "..... You know, Enju, do you think it is all right for us to sit here and do nothing like this?"
[enju] "What is this, all of a sudden?"
[tsugiri] "It's not sudden."
[tsugiri] "I've been thinking about it for quite a while now.

Page 29--

[enju] "Tsugiri, I thought that the day that you would say something like that would come someday. But now is not the time for you to move into action."
[tsugiri] "Then, you're telling me to pretend I didn't see things until then? Just like with that girl that came today?"
[enju] "That's right. It was very unfortunate for that young lady with respect to her elder brother. But it could not have been helped."