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I will try my best to avoid spoilers, but I surely cannot avoid them all. You have been warned.

Male. The main character in this series. Tsugiri does not like Alichinos that much, but that is because of how he was born -- because of his potential, he has led a dark past (which has been repressed for some reason yet to be known, and involves the death of his mother) that has to do with them.

Male. Current roommate / caretaker of Tsugiri. Long-time friends with Ryohko.

? (girl)
Female. A nameless girl who was seeking an Alichino to have her brother revived -- even if it meant her death. She was saved (albeit unwillingly) from an Alichino by Tsugiri and Myoubi.

? (first Alichino)
Male(?). "Alichino"s (spelt out as "ones who invite" - I prefer to call them "Inviters" when spelt out as thus) are said to be beautiful beings that can grant any human wish... for a price. In reality, they are usually nothing but eaters of the human soul that gain power from consuming souls. They fear the power of the Kusabi (what I chose to call as "bond") -- what seemingly is the one power that can annihilate an Alichino -- and at the same time, they wish that the same power could be theirs.

Female. Alichino. Myoubi, despite being an Alichino, does not actively seek the Kusabi's soul -- but is concentrating more on keeping the Kusabi safe from others of her kind. She can assume the shape of a bird, and for the most part stays in her human shape only near Ryohko.

Male. The powerful man who Myoubi calls her "master". A man who helped young Tsugiri ten years ago from the present time in the story from a near-death incident.

Male. The man from Tsugiri's past, only seen during the flashback. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Male. A mysterious man who wants control of Tsugiri.

Female. Servant to Roushohki.

Female. A village-girl that Tsugiri and Ryohko saved when chasing after Matsulika. Madly in love with Yui, to the point of obsession with the supernatural.

Male. Alichino. The ruler of an entire city who worships him, and inhabits the city because they need him. He is a different sort of Alichino in that he lets his human targets live on and worship him, instead of eating their soul.

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