This page has nothing to do with the story of CCS but only provides help to make your browser support Japanese viewing.

If you are running Internet Explorer 4.0 or above:

First check to see if you already have Japanese support installed:

  • Right click anywhere on the text portion of this page.
  • Go to Language and see if Japanese is on the list. This CCS page uses Shift-JIS coding on some sections.
  • If it's on the list, you're set. When you access a page on my CCS page with Japanese on it, if it doesn't automatically switch to Japanese mode already, you can simply follow the above steps and choose Japanese (Auto Select) or (Shift-JIS).
  • If it isn't on the list, follow the steps below to download Japanese support from the Microsoft website.

For downloading Japanese support for Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, from the menu bar at the top of your browser:

  • Go to Favorites --> Software Updates --> Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Follow instructions on the IE Channel Update page to determine the components installed on your system.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and see if Japanese Language Support is already installed. If not, check the box to download the component, which is only about 2 Megs.
  • Follow instructions on the screen to download and install the component.
  • To use the support after installation when you access a Japanese page on my CCS page, if it doesn't already switch to the Japanese mode by itself, right click on the text portion of the page, go to Language --> Japanese (Auto Select) or (Shift-JIS).

If you are running Internet Explorer 3.x:

I don't have IE3.x on my machine, so I can't give you details on how to do it. But if the above does not apply to IE3.x, you can always to go Microsoft's page under Product download or similar, to get the Japanese support for IE3.x.

For other browsers:

I usually use IE4.0, so I'm not too familiar with other browsers whether or not they have easy language support downloads. But when I use Netscape 4.0+, I have always used a 3rd party program to enable Japanese support. The one I use is NJWIN CJK Multilingual Viewer, a shareware which can be downloaded from the NJStar webpage:

  • Choose Download from the menu on the left on the NJStar webpage
  • Click on NJWIN CJK Multilingual Viewer.
  • Follow instructions to download (save) the .exe file or the .zip file in a temporary directory or your desktop.
  • Find the saved file in the temporary directory or your desktop.
  • If you downloaded a .exe file, double click on the file to start installation. Follow instructions on the screen.
  • If you downloaded a .zip file and has an unzip program, then unzip the file and double click on setup.exe to start installation. Follow instructions on the screen.
  • After installation is completed, run the NJWIN program (either a folder already popped up or go to the Start Menu --> Programs --> NJWIN). Click on the biggest button on the control bar and choose Japanese (Auto-Select) or (Shift-JIS) for viewing my pages with Japanese on them.

For using NJWIN, even though it solves the problem of Japanese support, for some reason, the English fonts still come up one size smaller than it is on a IE Japanese support. You may still need to change the font size (try the "view" option) of your brower in order to display a larger font. You may need to apply that function more than once to achieve a desirable font.

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