The Atari TX816 Editor Page

 updated: April 25, 1999
 updated:Jan 17, 2004

    This  is an editor that I wrote to create new patches for the Yamaha TX816 FM synthesizer rack.  I am not sure when I wrote this program, but, I would say it dates to somewhere around 1988, maybe 1987.  It has also been a long time since I have used it as well.  The program was written specifically for the TF-1 modules that reside in the TX816.  It very well be that they are compatable enough with the DX-7 that you can use this editor with that synth.  Since I never had access to a DX-7, I do not know if the program will work.

    Also, you will find the C source code for the editor.  The program was written using megamax Laser C.  A very primitive compliler by todays standards.  It was basically a K&R compiler, it did not even support prototyping (shudder!).  I have not looked at the code in quite a while, so I don't know how well commented it is.  But, hey, It IS FREE!

    Oh yes, one final thing.  The last Atari computer I had was a Mega 4.  I think the rev level on the OS was 2.06, or something like that.  So, I can not garentee it will run on any other atari system.

     Executable (zipped)

     Source Code (zipped)

    Last minute news flash on the source code.  The file slider.c came from analog computing magazine and was written by Tom Hudson.  The file seq.c---well, I just don't know where this came from.  I did not write it.

    Well, hope you enjoy this.  Have fun.

    Oh, yes, this code is all in the public domain.  You are free to use it any way you see fit.  Please give me credit, that is all I ask.

DX7/TX816 patches

    Ok, here is a collection of DX7/TX816 patches that I have aquired over the years.  Hopefully these are, for the most part, things you have never seen.  I am sure there is a lot of over lap, but it is imposible to weed those out.  Still, a friend of mine told me that many of these he has never seen before.  But, it is time to get these up where people can use them, so have fun.

    DX7/TX816 Patches (zipped)

    Hope these can be usefull.  They should be in SEX format.  (System Exclusive).