Modular Sequencer Progress Photos....

First posted Aug 8, 2004
Updated Sept 6. 2004

Sept 6. 2004

The modular sequencer module is for all intents and purposes, almost complete.  I am short just a few compoents, in fact, in the pictures you will be able to see what they are...I am missing an LM7805 and a HeatSink...such is life.  They are on order from mouser and should be here before the next weekend.  What you see in these two photos is all of the boards mounted and wired into the system and the back chassis with the power supply mounted.

Boy, I sure hope those two pieces will actually fit together!  One thing to note is the use of pem nuts on the chassis back to mount to the holes that were drilled on the front panel...I love pem nuts.

Aug 8. 2004
Well, I am actually making some headway.  I just finished assembling the pot multiplexor boards and have them mounted to the panel.  It is a total of 64 pots...sort of makes an 8x8 array of pots.

    This is what the panel looks like...except that the real one is in much better focus...if I can get around to it, I might reshoot this photo.

    The above photo is what the electronics actually looks like.  For these boards, I chose to mount the pots, 1/4 inch jacks and the LEDs onto the PC board, it cuts down on the wiring.  The only wires are pot selector jacks that are just regular banana jacks.  Still, a very nice clean setup for this... the rest of the wiring is not going to be so easy and clean.