Synth Modules

page last updated 09-20-05

    This page will list individual synthesizer modules that are or will be availiable.
Module Function Schematic PCB availiability Difficulty Level (1..easy to 10 hard)
Wave/Voltage Shaper Yes Yes-$15
8x2 Analog Sequencer Yes Out of stock
Vocal Filter  Yes No- Out of Stock
Dual Voltage Controlled ADSR Yes Soon
Triple Power Supply Board  Yes Yes-$15
Voltage Controlled Oscilator Yes Soon
Voltage Controlled Mixer 4 in/ 1 out No No
Synth Module Board
This is a do it all modular synthesizer on one huge board (aprox 1200 parts)
Yes Probably Never :-(
Mikado Analog Sequencer Yes Soon
16x8 Pattern Generator Yes No
Multi Segment Envelope Generator Yes Yes-$15
Logic Module Yes Soon
Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter No No

    Example project #1

    Some typical tools you might need.

    When odering boards, you may combine different boards to get the higher quantiy price break.  So, if you order say two wave shapers, a sequencer, and a powersupply, for a total of four boards, you can use the quantity 4 pricing for each board.

Quantity Discounts

    You can order any combinations of boards, and if the total numbers add up as follows, you may take the following discounts.  It should be noted that all bare PC boards may not be $15 each...The prices below are based on a $15 base price board.  However, the percentage does.

  5 boards..........5%........$14.25 each
10 boards......... 10%......$13.50 each
20 boards......... 15%......$12.75 each

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