Synthesizer Expander Panel

    This is an example of a projects that uses some of the synth module boards I am working on.  It is under construction at the moment, so, there are a few things that are missing.  Above you see the front, and below, you see the back of the panel.  Looking at the rear veiw, on the left, you see the large card that is the vocal filter.  To the left below, is the power supply board. And above the power supply board is the diode wave shaper.

    Looking at the front of the panel, what you see on the left is the Vocal Filter module, next to that is the wave shaper module.  And next to that is a multisegment envelope generator.  I still don't have a PC board for that.  I am going to have to breadboard that one as I see many potential operational problems that will need to be solved.  And the final module, on the right, is an 8x2 sequencer.  While the board is not shown in the pictures, I do have one in my assembly frame as of 11-22-2001.

    Parts that were made to make the panel are:19"x12.25" (7U) 0.125" thick aluminum panel.  Pots are Xicon 24mm pots, both 10K and 100K linears.  Jacks are Switchcraft 1/4" phone jacks.  The standoffs are 2" x 0.25" hex 6-32.  The led lenses, which are barely visible, are Cliplight lenses.  The front of the panel was spayed with enamel white and red paint.  The lettering is rubon black letraset lettering.  This is coated with gloss clear enamel.  One of these days, I have got to find a more satisfactory way to make one off panels.  I haven't seen anything yet that yanks my crank.