Mods for the 100-1005 Rev N.C. Board

There was only one sent out into the field, so unless you are him, pay no attention.



    As you can see above, there are two cuts that are needed.

    The first cut is between U15-2 and JP2-14.  The JP2 on the legend does not show up (dang!).  If you look at the circuit side (the side with the legend) so that the 100-1005 is right side up, JP2 is right next to the legend that says 8x2 Sequencer.  If you look at the picture above, you can sort of see where I actually peeled the trace off the board.

    The second cut is between  U13-3 and the via that is connect by a short trace from this pad (refer to the above picture, you may have to download it to see the arrow that I drew).

    Also, the legend on the board for U13 says 74HC32, the part that needs to go there is really a 74HC00.


    U13-14 to U13-13 to U13-12
    U13-3 to U13-4 to U13-5
    U13-10 to U13-9 to U15-2
    JP2-14 to U13-8
    U13-6 to Via oposite U13-3