South Coast Society of Model Engineers
  (page by Jim Patchell)
(photos by Walter Naumann)

    On January 13, 2001, the South Coast Society of Model Engineers (SCSME) put on a model railroad clinic to help introduce ourselves to new modelers and maybe even a few old timers who didn't know we were there.  Like our other clinics, we got a good mix of both.  The members who were there helping out included:
    Paul Gannaway (chairman of the clinic committee) N Scale & HO Scale, Dakota Western
    Gene Rantanen (HO Scale and O Tinplate)
    John Ryan (N Scale)
    Gary Siegel (HO scale, runs the L&N)
    Art Aldritt (O Tinplate)
    Dana Driskel (N Scale, LA&SL)
    Bill Everett (O Scale Trolly)
    Jim Felland (HO Scale, Monon)
    Joe Heumphreus (HO Scale, Sierra RR)
    Bruce Morden
    Walter Naumann (N Scale)
    Jim Patchell (HO Scale, Pacific Coast Railroad)

    Everybody involved had a lot of fun.  Hope to see ya all at the next one.

    Here are some photos.

    Art Aldritt operating some of his MTH O gauge locomotives.

Joe Heumphreus (left), Jim Patchell (squatting middle), and Bill Lunt (right).  This is a 4x8 layout that Jim Patchell has under construction.  It was used to demonstrate typical bench work.

    This is another shot of the same layout.

    This is an antique lionel train set that one of the guests brought in.  Gene Rantanen, our resident Lionel Expert, was amazed at how good of shape it was in.

    Bruce Morden at his switching layout helping a budding engineer get his operators certificate.  Below you will find a sketch of the module.

    An official, SCSME badge.......

    This was one of the guests that showed up (I don't have his name, hopefully I can update this page latter with it).  He scratch built this O scale depot.  It is HUGE!

    Paul Gannaway (left), with same unknown guest (right).  In the lower right of the screen is a LaserKit Type 22 SP station, and a scratch built turntable by the unknown guest..

    At the end of the table, is Jim Felland, to his right is Art Aldritt.  The next visible person is an unknown guest, and Joe Heumphreus on the far right.

    Jim Patchell on the Left, Bill Lunt on the right.

    Gene Rantanen (left with his back to us), with an unknown guest and his son on the right, looking as some old Lionel trains.

    And finally, one of our clubs more famous members, Gary Siegel demonstrating techniques for making trees and other scenery.  He wouldn't demonstrate these on my layout (see above).... darn...

    Any comments: send to Jim Patchell