PSW DIY Meet Santa Barbara CA 2003

First Posted April 14, 2003

    Well, this is the start of the photo collection....I will hopefully be able to expand this soon as the pictures come in.  I still have to get my film developed.

Jim Patchell with his synth and the Mikado Sequencer.  The keyboard is an Oberhiem OBXk.

Cynthias Synth

    Cynthia's Modcam compatable synth...


    Cynthia Webster and Peter Grenader set up their equipment.

Jims Glock

    Jim Patchell's Glockenspiel.

Peters Stuff

    Peter Grenader getting a Stiener/Parker synth running...

Roland 100, Analogue Systems
rack and Analogue Solutions Vostok on my table were all provided on loan for
the day from Roger Cordell at Big City Music.

The module sitting on top of
my expansion rack is my new Buchla 258 oscillator clone using Mark Verbos'
PCB art.


    Cynthia putting together a patch...

Scotts Synth

    Scott Bernardi's synth.

Scott Bernardi

    Scott Bernardi and his synths...


On the left, Cynthia, Middle, Scott Bernardi, and on the left, Jim Patchell, taking a picture of his own.

The Crowd

    Well, more people than I can remember the names of....getting old really sucks....

More Crowd

    I wonder what Cynthia was drinking?....She is getting a bit blurry...Standing to the right is Kevin Connor, next to him facing us is Peter Grenader, and with his back to us, I think that is Mike Brown (I am not good with names, please correct me if I am wrong).

Phillip Gallo

    Phillip Gallo is walking towards us (the one on the right), with his son, I believe.

Under Construction

    Some more of Scott Bernardi's modules.

Scott Evans

    Scott Evans, General Manager, playing with Jims synth.

Cynthia and Mike

    On the left, Brian plays with Cynthia's synth, while in the center Cynthia and Mike Brown (I hope) discuss something.

Cynthia's Rear

    The back of Cynthia's Synth.

Mike Brown

    Mike Brown has a good start on his synth with some fairly nice home made PC boards.

Scott's rear

    The back of Scott Bernardi's Synth...