Protel Autotrax PCB Utilities
Created Aug 29, 2001

    These are a series of programs that I wrote for manipulating Protel Autotrax PCB files.  The last version I had of the DOS program was version 1.61 (I think).  In my opinion, this was the best dos based PCB program ever.  All of the programs compile with Borland C++ 3.1.  You should be able to compile them with just about any DOS based C compiler, I think.  One of the programs I used to run on my Atari ST.

    The programs are more hackers utilities.  Generally, if I needed to do something with a protel file, I would modify one of the programs (creating a new program) to do the job at hand.

    The most used utility was the back anotation utility.  This would re anotate the reference designators according to location on the board.  It would then create a was/is list so the schematic capture program (ORCAD) could also update it's referernces.

     Protel PCB Utilities