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Updated June 15, 2006

    Ok, the idea here is not for me to get rich.  As many of you may know, some parts are just down right impossible to find.  Sometimes parts are just obsolete.  Not much can be done about that.  Sometimes minimum purchase on some parts is 100 units.  Out of reach of many.  Some of my projects are pretty ambitious, and I need large quantities of parts.  I am making the ones that are generally not available at basically my cost (100 piece price + shipping to me + shipping to you).  For small numbers of parts, shipping to you will be about $1.50 (envelope + postage).

    All parts are in stock as of June 15, 2006

    THAT120 - Quad PNP matched transistor array.  Typical matching is 0.5mV, max is 3.0 mV, rBE is 2 ohms, input noise is 0.75nV/root Hz.  These are good for preamps and exponential converters.

These are the last ones in known existance (this part is obsolete).  When these are gone, they are gone.

     Data Sheet

    THAT140 - Dual PNP/Dual NPN transistor array.  PNP's same as above, NPN the same except input noise is 0.8nV/root Hz.  These devices are good for making simple OTA's, current switches, current mirrors, amplifiers.

These are the last ones in known existance (this part is obsolete).  When these are gone, they are gone.


     Data Sheet

    MAT04 -Quad NPN matched transistor array.  Matching is 0.5mV, rBE is 0.6 ohms.  These parts will give you the best accuracy for exponential converters.

    I am considering also +3300ppm tempco resistors, but am not sure how much interest there is in them.


    Q81K 2000 ohm, 1% +3300ppm resistors.  These are authentic Tel Labs resistors, long since gone.  If you are building something new, don't bother with these, they are too expensive and I only have a few.  You can purchase new tempco resistors for a lot less.  But if you must have one I have them.

    Dimensions: 0.575"l x 0.150"dia

Q81K 2000 ohm 1% +3300ppm/C Tel Labs resistors........$10.00

    CA3280E - This is a Dual OTA.  It is an improved version of the CA3080 (wider bandwidth, tighter specs) as well as having linearizing diodes built in.  An excellent choice for filters and VCA's.



On May 15, 2005...Intersil announce that the CA3280E was being discontinued.  This is, of course...a very sad day in the history of electronic musical instruments.  I consider the CA3280E to be the most useful special purpose IC for the construction of analog voltage controlled synthsizer modules.  When these are gone...they are gone.

    New....AD633.  These are four quadrant multiplier.  They make great balanced (ring) modulators.  You can obtain a data sheet Analog Devices.  These parts come in an 8 pin DIP


    New....AD7548JN....This is a 12 bit DAC with an 8 bit microprocessor interface.  I use this part in my Midi->CV converter (200-1017).  Not exactly easy to get in small quantities.


  On each order, please add $1.50 for shipping within the US,  Outside of the US, please add $5.00 shipping per order (you can order as many as you want, within reason, so order as many units as possible to keep your shipping costs per unit as low as possible).

    Also please note on foriegn orders:  I will only accept payment in one of two ways,  via Paypal or  Western Union.  This is due to the fact I have had way too many problems with other methodes of payment.  I just makes everybody mad when I find out that I am going to have to pay a large portion to the bank to get forgien currency converted.  Like I said, I am basically selling these parts at cost.  I am not making money at this...on the other hand, I don't want to loose any money either.  So, if you are not in the states, you must use one of these options.  Paypal, in my opinion, works the best, and is the easiest.

    To order, you need to e-mail me and I will send you back the address to send the check or money order to.  When you send your order, be sure to include your address and your e-mail address.

    For ordering details Email Me