My Favorite Links
updated Feb 1, 2001

Do It Yourself Synth Pages
ASM-1 home of the king of D.I.Y. Synths
Synths 'R' Us
Chris' Synth diy Home Page
Analog Synthesizers Web Resources for the DIY
Synthesis Technology
Troy Sheets' ASM-1
Synth Builder Online resource
Wind Controlled Synthesis
Seb Francis
           Synthesizer Do It Yourself Resources
           The Apache Project
           The Synth Punk

           Ray Wilsons DIY web site
           The Electronic Peasant

           Synth DIY Mailing List

Links for my favorite electronic artists

 Michael Garrison         This is one of my all time favorites.  His music is very pleasing to the ear.  Go to his website and listen to samples.

Links for other Artists

    Drawings by Paul Gannaway