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Financial News....

    Those of you following Axsys financials are probably aware of the fact that for 2002, Steve Bershad recieved a $173,566 bonus.  For those wondering how this bonus was calculated it is quite simple:

    2002 Bonus
        Steve's Bonus = $235K (Bonney's annual salary) - $60K (Bonney's Q1 '02 Salary) = $175K (Fire Bonney, keep what is left).

    The same will work for 2003.

        Steve's Bonus = $150K (Gary Wagners Salary) - $6K (Gary's first paycheck Jan 03) = $144K (Need to fire somebody else soon, bonus money going down).

    The place where I use to work (and no longer needs to remain nameless), has implemented lean thinking.  This is evidently the latest of some corporate buzz word, and I have no idea what it is supposed to really mean.  By the evidence though, I think it is clear.  Lean is a word that seems to mean nothing extra (lean beef has less fat).  So, lean thinking must mean that there is less thinking going on.  Judge for yourself.

    From this photo, you can see a microscope stand.  The yellow/black tape marks the spot in the table where the microscope belongs, and all of the items are labeled in their place, including the post it notes.

    It might be hard to tell, but this is the back of a chair.  Even the chairs are labeled as to where they should go.

    Another example.  A tool box's place is marked on the desk by black/yellow striped tape.  The the tool box is clearly labeled, as, what else, a tool box.

    And finally, somebody marked of the area where the toilet paper goes, although, I hope this one wasn't serious.