Jim Patchell's Orcad and Protel Library Files
    Well, these are probably of NOT much use to anybody else, but I am willing to share.  These are files made by myself that contain the custom parts I have created for making both schematics and PCB files.  Also included are a bunch of Protel for DOS (Autotrax) utilities that I wrote quite a while ago.  All of this stuff is presented here AS IS!  I have no idea what condition any of this stuff is in any longer.  The code especially.

Orcad SDT386 libraries
    These are library files that I created for the old Dos based orcad.  SDT386 to be exact.  This was the last Dos version before they went to windows.

    Many of these files have a lot of duplicate stuff in them.  I can't even remember why I have different files.

     Orcad Library #1
     Orcad Library #2
     Orcad Library #3
     Orcad Library #4
     Orcad Library #5

Protel Autotrax Utilities
    The programs may also work with Easytrax, but I don't know.  I never had easytrax.  But they did work with the version of autotrax I had.  I think it was version 1.61.

     Autotrax utilities

Protel for Windows Version 2.7 Library
    This is my current library that I use to do my PCB layouts with protel for windows.  This library should be readable by any later version of Protel for Windows, except for version 2.8 which had a bug in it concerning the reading of 2.7 libraries.  Version 2.8 was the last one I got, but 2.7 was the last version I will use.

     Protel for Windows Library