Atari DIY Photo Galary

    Page last updated 10-30-2000

    Well, I don't know if I am proud of this one or not, but, hey, I made a clone of the Happy Board for the 810 Disk Drive.  These never left my possesion, or, at least I don't remember ever giving any to anyone else.  Anyway, here it is:

    This next one was a lot of fun at the time.  It is an interface that connects into the PIB interface on the 130XE.  It had a rs232, printer, and ram disk.  I even ran a BBS with it for a while (written in ACTION!).

    Some of the parts are missing.  I am not even sure what they all were.  There was an 6551 on there, and a 6522 VIA.  It almost looks like I intended on putting a floppy controller on there as well, but, I don't think so.

    Here is a photo of the printed circuit board for the EProm Programmer that I built for my Atari computer.  It had a set of SIO connectors so that it could connect to the standard I/O port on the side of all Atari 8 bit computers.  I had a nifty device driver that ran in the 800 for reading and writing proms.  This programmer could program up to 27128's, which at the time, were the largest proms availiable.   Also note that there was a cartridge port.  I was able to read out 8K, 16K, and the OSS 16K back switched cartridges.  I had a set of three boards for making my own cartridges.  The original reason for doing this was my Action! cartrige developed contact problems (it had tinned contacts), and I needed a replacement that would last.  A lot of work just for that.  I also used the eprom programmer while developing the Duplicator.

    From the looks of it, I think this board had three 6522's, a 2764 eprom, a couple of 8Kx8 ram chips, a 6551, and a 6502 uP.  It also used the standard atari 9 volt power supply.

Atari 8 bit cartridge clones

    I made my own cartridges.  I had clones of the 8k, 16k and OSS bank switch 8/16K carts.

    The one on the right there still has a prom in it.  It is probably ACTION!.  I cloned that cart because I had a lot of problems with the OSS one.