Noni's 50th Birthday Part

First Posted March 18, 2006

Happy birthday Noni!  You are the love of my life.

This was not only a special celebration for Noni, but also one for me as well.  Look through the photos, and you will see why.

Noni is a very special woman to myself, as well as a host of other people.  Nobody can help but love you.  You are kind, loving, willing to lend a helping hand to others, and dedicated to God.  We all hope that you have another fruitful 50 years ahead of you.

Guest List:
Jeff Kimbel
Juleine Schmidt
Craig Schmidt
Barbara Stanley
Dave McEachen
Judith Muller
Bill Whitehouse
Marge Whitehouse
Barbara Goodall
George Goodall
Betty Kimbel
Sam Kimbel
Lois Oates
Jim Patchell
Noni Kimbel

This was a grand party.  And it was significant because this was the first birthday I celebrated with Noni.  So look at the photos below...and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed being a participant in the party.

Here is my beloved Noni...all dressed up...and ready to party.

And Lucy is ready to party as well...but she is going to be on duty.

No party is complete without balloons.
Barbara Stanley is sitting to the left.

And the guests are beginning to arrive.
On the left, with his head facing away, is George Goodall and to his right is Barbara Goodall.  Continuing around the table, is Marge Whitehouse, Bill Whitehouse and then Barbara Stanley who is talking to the birthday girl.

One of the big reasons it was a big night...well, our rings arrived.  This is my wedding band.

And this is Noni's Engagement ring and the wedding band is right behind.  More on this....below.

On the far side of the table, starting on the left is Betty Kimbel, Noni's mother.  Standing next to her is George Goodall talking to Lois Oates.

A very good shot of Marge and Bill Whitehouse.

More the foreground with her back to us on the left is Noni, and next to her on the right is her brother Jeff.  In the back, just behind Jeff is Noni's father, Sam, and to his right we see Barbara Stanley and Judith Muller, associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

On the Left, Juleine Schmidt and her husband Craig Schmidt, with Noni and her father Sam.

Noni, Lucy, Juleine and Craig Schmidt.

On the left is Judith Muller, the pastor that will be preforming our wedding ceremony on December 30, 2006.

Noni, talking to Marge Whitehouse (left) and Barbara Goodall (right)

Lucy is checking things out...

I am not sure what is up with Betty...across from Betty is Bill Whitehouse, behind Betty is George Goodall and Lois Oates.

The birthday girl and her Knight in Shining Armour.

Now we are getting to the fun part of the evening...I am opening up the box that contains Noni's engagement ring...Noni is obviously quite excited...Jeff...well...he looks like he is about ready to nod off.

Somebody thought we should be in front of the dove statue...oh...come to think of it...that was me... :-)

Here I am...getting ready to put it on....

Almost there...Noni looks like she is trying to say..."Hey...just hurry up and put it on!"

And there it is on her it is official....but I have to say...could I have had a more idiotic grin if I had tried?

And the guests are showing their approval.

And we seal the deal with a very nice hug....

"Ok...can we eat now!"


A card...

More flowers...

A scarf.

And another card...

And a birthday cake...

Did she get her wish?

Carving the cake.

Now...that is a much better smile on my part...Noni never seems to have a problem with smiling.

On the far side of the table, starting at the left...Craig Schmidt, Barbara Stanley,  Dave McEachen, Judith Muller, Bill and Marge Whitehouse.
In the foreground, with their backs to us...Noni, Lois, and Sam.

Starting in the rear on the right...Betty Kimbel, George and Barbara Goodall, Marge and Bill Whitehouse.