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Korg Polysix KLM-367 Board Replacement Offer:

I will replace your non-functional/battery-damaged KLM-367 patch assigner circuit board for a flat fee of US$150. This does not include shipping. If you wish to have your board replaced, contact me via email. Here is the procedure I will use: 1: Once contacted, I will provide instructions for you to ship your old KLM-367 board to me. NOTE: You can ship the entire Polysix if you wish, but be warned that the shipping charges are about US$30 to US$35 each way for UPS ground on the entire synthesizer in the United States. The US$150 flat fee does not include shipping. The total for board-only repair exchanges is US$150 plus US$10 for return shipping and insurance. 2: When I receive the board, I will transfer the connectors to a brand new board, test and calibrate it, and return it within 8 weeks. The $150 fee covers all parts and labor on my behalf, which is a bargain! It takes me typically 3 hours to rework and test a board, not including the time taken to go online and buy parts.

3: When I send out replacement boards, they will be sent via USPS priority mail, with the tracking tag option and insurance coverage for the value of the board. The shipping charge works out to about US$10.

NOTES: I will not accept COD delivery. Please send your board only after contacting me for shipping instructions, and always make sure it is prepaid shipping.

Scott Rider --