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Old Crow's Synth Shop: Polysix "Mini" Service Manual

I have two versions of the Polysix Service Manual: the standard version with the 11x17 fold-out pages of schematics and board trace maps, and a "mini" version I made to condense the schematics onto single pages. The mini version is presented here first as I need to figure out the best way to present the big fold-out pages of the standard manual (my scanner isn't big enough for 11x17 size paper). The standard version will appear on this site once the format for the large pages is decided.

The "ink blotches" in the text portions of this mini service manual are really from a colored highlighting pen. I could have scanned these pages using greyscale or color, but the OCR/text mode of the scanning software produces much better results, and I used this to make it easier to read. Some of the schematics may be difficult to read due to their size vs. the page constraints; this will be much improved in the standard version of the online service manual.

All files are in pdf format; get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it.

Page 1, System Block Diagram

Page 2, KLM-376A Power Supply Schematic

Page 3, KLM-367 Patch Manager Schematic

Page 4, KLM-366 Key Assigner Schematic for Old Production

Page 5, KLM-366/KLM-396 Synth Voice Schematics for Old Production

Page 6, KLM-366 Key Assigner/Synth Voice Schematic for New Production

Page 7, KLM-368 Effect Schematic

Page 8, KLM-369/370/371 Front Panel Schematics

WARNING: Do NOT attempt this calibration procedure unless absolutely necessary.

Page 9, Calibration Trimmer Locations

Page 10, Calibration Procedure pg.1

Page 11, Calibration Procedure pg.2

Page 12, Calibration Procedure pg.3

Page 13, Calibration Procedure pg.4

Page 14, Calibration Procedure pg.5

The standard version of the service manual--which includes the circuit board trace maps--will be made available at a later date.

Scott Rider --