Andy's Hamster Hut

Andy at 5 weeks old


Name: Andy Rider

Age: 12 weeks

Gender: Male

Eyes: Black

Hair: Shorthair

Hair Color: Gray


What is he? 

A cute Syrian hamster

When did we get him? 

We got Andy on July 16, 2001

How old is he?

Andy was 5 weeks old when we got him, just a little baby

Where did he come from?

Andy came from Petland in Clarksburg, WV.  He crawled immediately into Maria's hand when she was choosing a hamster.

Why did you name him "Andy"?

We named Andy after a EFNet IRC #anime! friend, Andy Scheffler, whose IRC nick is Hamusutaa(Hamster in Japanese). ^_^ (yes, we are silly)


Andy at 5 weeks old

Andy at 6 weeks old

Andy at 7 weeks old

Andy at 9 weeks old  

Andy at 12 weeks old NEW!

ANDY GALLERY OF PICS - Regularly Updated!

Andy in his cage half asleep...wake up!

Andy in his cage...does he want some hamster chow?

Andy climbing up the bars of his cage...where do you think you're going?

Andy taking a drink...are you thirsty after all that running on the wheel?

Andy's thinking of escaping the confines of his cozy cage

Andy's escaping! Quick! Get the hamster cops! :)

Andy's in his new home with the Riders. Welcome Andy!

Andy likes it in Maria's warm and cozy!

Andy gets a turn to sit in Scott's hand now. How cute! :)

Andy and one of his humans Maria :)

Andy! Strike a pose! KAWAII! Even with his cheek pouches filled with food! :)

Run Andy Run! Run like the wind!

Don't you EVER get tired, Andy?

Andy on the hamster wheel...will he run?

Andy checking the hamster wheel out

Andy sitting in his colorful cage  

Andy sitting on his cute butt in Maria's hand  

Andy on his wheel again, look how big he's grown!

Andy doing his cute pose for us..."Na no na?"  

Andy stuffing some paper towel strip into his mouth

Andy chewing on one of Scott's it yummy?

Andy half-asleep in his nest...awwww, how cute!

Andy trying to escape once again! Hold it right there!

Andy taking another long drink from the water bottle

Andy on his wheel going the other way, he's gotten so big!

Andy in Scott's hand...cute! 

Andy run run runs on his wheel! GOGOGO!

Andy gets a little chewy treat from Scott, his pen!

Andy! Attack that Pikachu! Bite Attack now!

Andy does a little grooming

Andy does more grooming, shine dat coat up!

Andy sitting on his wheel contemplating life

Andy playing with one of his humans, Scott  

Andy giving a little peck to Ebi-chan...Awwwwww!  

Andy getting a bit more serious...(18 and over please :))  

Andy in the petting zone  

Andy taking a lick of Scott's cup of pop  

Andy exploring outside the cage  

Andy doing more exploring outside the cage  

Andy having a little "practice session" with Ebi (18 and over please :))  

Andy cleaning himself on the wheel...hmm, need a little privacy, eh? NEW!

Andy sleeping ON his Andy first! NEW!

Andy curled up cutely asleep in the Petting Zone NEW!

Andy looking over the garbage can lid (aka Play Zone) NEW!

Andy in the new exercise ball with a stand NEW!

Andy eating a juicy, yummy pear NEW!

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